The Getgo Show – Coming Soon!

Coming in Q2 2020, The Getgo Show! A deep dive into creativity, marketing and business.

The show will be 45 minutes max, with a video and audio-only version. Each episode will have a theme/key subject, for example, creativity in video or modern social media.

I’ll also be producing shorter edits, that deliver value ‘at source’. For example, the native video maximum length on LinkedIn is 10 minutes – The Getgo Show will have a 10 minute version for that purpose.

The aim is to educate and entertain people working in any industry, with each show delivering practical advice and insight.

The guests

The show will be hosted by Getgo founder, Mike McGrail (that’s me), and feature an expert guest. Where possible, the guest will be live in our studio, however, we want to bring guests on from various geographies, which will mean recorded video calls. I’m lining up some excellent people…

There may even be live shows, but that’s likely to be in V2!

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