Postmates Codes For Existing Users

Postmates Codes For Existing Users

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Unlocking Savings: The Ultimate Guide to Postmates Codes for Existing Users

Postmates, the popular food delivery and grocery platform, offers a plethora of ways to save on your orders. While new users often benefit from generous signup bonuses and introductory discounts, existing users can also enjoy substantial savings through various codes and promotions. This comprehensive guide will delve into the world of Postmates codes for existing users, exploring different methods to access them, understanding their application, and maximizing your savings potential.

Understanding Postmates Codes:

Postmates codes are alphanumeric sequences that unlock special discounts or benefits on your orders. They can be applied to a wide range of services, including:

  • Food delivery: Enjoy discounts on meals from your favorite restaurants.
  • Grocery delivery: Save on your grocery hauls from local stores and supermarkets.
  • Alcohol delivery: Get deals on your favorite beverages.
  • Convenience store items: Grab snacks and essentials at discounted prices.

Types of Postmates Codes:

  • Percentage-based discounts: These codes offer a specific percentage off your total order value.
  • Dollar-off discounts: These codes deduct a fixed dollar amount from your final bill.
  • Free delivery: These codes waive the delivery fee for your order.
  • Special offers: Some codes might offer exclusive deals like "buy one, get one free" or discounted bundles.

Where to Find Postmates Codes for Existing Users:

While new users often receive welcome codes through email or text messages, existing users need to explore alternative avenues to unlock these savings:

1. Postmates Website and App:

  • Promotions Tab: The Postmates app and website often feature a dedicated "Promotions" or "Deals" tab. Keep an eye on this section for regular updates on available codes.
  • "Enter Promo Code" Field: Most frequently, you'll find a dedicated "Enter Promo Code" field at checkout. Clicking this field often leads to a pop-up window displaying available codes.
  • Targeted Offers: Postmates might send personalized codes to your email or through app notifications based on your past order history and preferences.

2. Social Media:

  • Official Postmates Accounts: Follow Postmates on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms. They often announce exclusive codes and promotions through their social media channels.
  • Social Media Groups: Join relevant Facebook groups or Reddit communities dedicated to food delivery and discount codes. These online communities are often sources for sharing valid Postmates codes.

3. Third-Party Coupon Websites:

  • Websites specializing in promo codes: Many websites are dedicated to aggregating and sharing promo codes across various platforms, including Postmates. Popular options include RetailMeNot, Groupon, and
  • Blogs and Forums: Browse online blogs and forums related to food delivery, savings, and coupons. These platforms often feature articles or threads dedicated to sharing Postmates codes.

4. Email Newsletters:

  • Subscribe to Postmates' Newsletter: Sign up for Postmates' email newsletter to receive regular updates on promotions, discounts, and exclusive codes directly to your inbox.
  • Partner Brand Newsletters: Subscribe to newsletters from restaurants, grocery stores, or other merchants that partner with Postmates. They might send exclusive codes valid only for orders through Postmates.

5. Referral Programs:

  • Refer a Friend: Postmates often offers referral programs where both the referrer and the referred user receive a discount on their first order. Share your unique referral link with friends and family.

6. Special Events and Partnerships:

  • Holidays and Seasonal Promotions: Postmates typically runs special promotions during holidays, special events, or seasonal occasions. Keep an eye out for announcements and codes related to these events.
  • Partnerships: Postmates collaborates with various businesses, including credit card companies, banks, and loyalty programs. These partnerships often offer exclusive codes and discounts for their members.

Tips for Finding and Using Postmates Codes Effectively:

  • Be Proactive: Regularly check the Postmates app and website, social media pages, and coupon websites for updated codes.
  • Utilize Targeted Offers: Pay attention to personalized emails and app notifications, as they often contain codes specific to your interests.
  • Combine Codes: In some cases, you can stack multiple codes on a single order. However, this is not always permitted, so check the code's terms and conditions.
  • Check Expiry Dates: Postmates codes usually have an expiration date, so ensure you redeem them before they expire.
  • Keep Track of Codes: Create a list or bookmark your favorite code sources to easily access them when needed.

How to Apply Postmates Codes:

  1. Place Your Order: Select your items and proceed to the checkout.
  2. Enter the Code: Look for the "Promo Code" field at checkout. Enter the code you want to use.
  3. Click "Apply": Click the "Apply" button to validate the code and apply the discount.

Important Considerations:

  • Code Restrictions: Postmates codes might have specific restrictions, such as minimum order value, valid delivery areas, or specific merchants. Carefully review the code's terms and conditions.
  • Limited Availability: Codes are often limited in availability and can expire quickly. Act fast to redeem them before they expire.
  • Unreliable Third-Party Sources: Be cautious when using codes from unknown or unreliable third-party sources. Verify the code's authenticity before using it.

Beyond Codes: Other Ways to Save on Postmates:

  • Postmates Unlimited: This subscription service offers unlimited free deliveries for a monthly fee, making it a worthwhile option for frequent Postmates users.
  • Loyalty Programs: Sign up for loyalty programs from your favorite restaurants or stores to earn points and redeem rewards, including Postmates discounts.
  • Credit Card Rewards: Use credit cards that offer cash back or rewards points for online purchases, including food delivery.
  • Student Discounts: Some students may be eligible for discounts through Postmates' partnership with student organizations.
  • Gift Cards: Purchase Postmates gift cards from various retailers to get discounts or use them for your orders.


Finding and using Postmates codes for existing users is a valuable strategy to save money on your food, grocery, and convenience store deliveries. By staying informed about available codes, exploring various sources, and understanding their application, you can maximize your savings potential and enjoy more value for your Postmates orders.

Remember to stay proactive, utilize targeted offers, and keep track of code expiration dates to get the most out of these exciting savings opportunities. With a little effort, you can unlock substantial discounts and enjoy delicious meals, groceries, and everyday essentials at a fraction of the cost.

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