Lost Lands 8 Walkthrough Puzzles

Lost Lands 8 Walkthrough Puzzles

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Lost Lands: The Golden Curse - A Comprehensive Walkthrough

The eighth installment in the captivating Lost Lands series, "The Golden Curse", plunges players into a mystical world of ancient secrets, forgotten magic, and a looming curse. As the intrepid adventurer, you must unravel a web of intricate puzzles, decipher cryptic clues, and face down perilous challenges to save the land from a devastating fate. This walkthrough serves as your guide through the treacherous landscape of "The Golden Curse", offering detailed solutions to each puzzle and illuminating the path to victory.

Part 1: The Arrival and the Curse

Your journey begins in a peaceful village, where a mysterious affliction known as the "Golden Curse" is slowly transforming the inhabitants into golden statues. The villagers implore you to seek out the source of this malevolent force and break the curse.

The Mysterious Clocktower

Your first destination is the village's clocktower, a seemingly innocuous building harboring a hidden secret.

  1. The Timeworn Clock: Examine the clock on the tower's exterior. It is missing a hand. Interact with the broken clock mechanism to find a hidden compartment containing a key.
  2. Unlocking the Door: Use the newly found key to unlock the door at the base of the clocktower.
  3. The Hidden Room: Inside, you'll find a dusty room with a large mirror and a locked chest.
  4. The Mirror's Reflection: Observe the reflection in the mirror. You'll notice a distorted image of a hand, hinting at the missing clock hand.
  5. The Golden Hand: Interact with the reflection to retrieve a golden hand, the missing piece of the clock.
  6. Restoring the Clock: Place the golden hand on the clock mechanism. The clock will spring back to life, revealing a hidden passageway.

The Labyrinth of Shadows

The passage leads you into a dark labyrinth filled with traps and illusions.

  1. The Shadow Guards: You'll encounter several shadowy figures guarding the way forward. To defeat them, use the light from your lantern to dispel their illusions.
  2. The Shifting Walls: The labyrinth's walls are constantly shifting, making navigation treacherous. Pay attention to the patterns of the walls and use them to find your way through.
  3. The Hidden Switch: After navigating the shifting walls, you'll come across a seemingly impassable section. Examine the wall carefully and you'll discover a hidden switch. Activate it to reveal a secret passage.
  4. The Light of Hope: At the end of the labyrinth, you'll find a small chamber with a glowing crystal. Interact with the crystal to absorb its light and illuminate the path ahead.

The Temple of the Sun

The labyrinth opens into a grand temple dedicated to the Sun God, a place of immense power and ancient knowledge.

  1. The Sunstone Ritual: As you enter the temple, you'll witness a strange ritual involving a large sunstone. You must understand the ritual's mechanics to break the curse.
  2. The Sunstone's Power: Interact with the sunstone and observe the symbols carved into its surface. Each symbol represents a different element: fire, water, earth, and air.
  3. Unlocking the Elements: The ritual requires you to manipulate these elements by activating corresponding levers located around the temple.
  4. The Fire Element: The first lever is located in a room filled with flames. To activate it, you'll need to use a nearby fire extinguisher to quell the flames.
  5. The Water Element: The second lever is hidden behind a waterfall. You'll need to find a way to divert the water flow to reveal the lever.
  6. The Earth Element: The third lever is concealed beneath a pile of earth. Use a shovel to clear the earth and access the lever.
  7. The Air Element: The final lever is located in a windy chamber. Use a wind chime to redirect the wind and activate the lever.
  8. The Sunstone's Awakening: Once all four levers are activated, the sunstone will glow brightly, releasing a surge of energy that disrupts the Golden Curse.

Part 2: The Search for the Source

The Golden Curse has been temporarily lifted, but its source remains unknown. The villagers guide you to a hidden portal that leads to the land's ancient history, where the source of the curse may lie.

The Portal of Time

The portal appears as a shimmering gateway hidden within the ruins of a forgotten temple.

  1. The Guardians of Time: The portal is guarded by two ancient statues. You must decipher the statues' riddles to gain access.
  2. The Riddle of the Past: The first statue holds a scroll depicting a scene of a village being attacked by a monstrous creature. The riddle asks for the creature's name. The answer is "Gorgon", a mythical beast with a petrifying gaze.
  3. The Riddle of the Future: The second statue holds a crystal orb depicting a vision of a golden serpent slithering through the land. The riddle asks for the serpent's name. The answer is "Serpentis Aureus", a name whispered in ancient legends.
  4. Opening the Portal: After answering the riddles correctly, the statues will step aside, opening the portal to the past.

The Land of Legends

The portal transports you to a vibrant and fantastical land, where ancient myths and legends come alive.

  1. The Talking Tree: As you enter the land, you encounter a wise and ancient tree that can speak. The tree reveals that the Golden Curse was unleashed by the evil Serpent, Serpentis Aureus, as revenge for a past transgression.

  2. The Forgotten City: The tree directs you to a hidden city where the Serpent once resided. To reach the city, you must navigate a treacherous jungle filled with dangerous creatures and hidden traps.

  3. The Jungle's Secrets: The jungle is teeming with puzzles and challenges:

    • The Bridge of Vines: You'll encounter a bridge formed by living vines that sway precariously. To cross safely, you must follow the rhythm of the vines and time your steps perfectly.
    • The Mimic Monkeys: Beware of the mischievous monkeys that mimic your actions. They can deceive you into falling into traps or leading you astray.
    • The Shifting Paths: The jungle's paths are constantly changing, with hidden passages and secret entrances revealing themselves only after certain actions.
  4. The City of Gold: After navigating the jungle, you'll finally reach the city of gold, the Serpent's former lair. The city is a testament to the Serpent's power and ambition, but it is now decaying and haunted by remnants of its ancient magic.

Part 3: Confronting the Serpent

The city holds the key to defeating the Serpent and breaking the curse.

  1. The Serpent's Remains: You'll discover the Serpent's remains, a petrified golden serpent coiled around a hidden artifact. The artifact holds the key to defeating the Serpent's curse.

  2. The Serpent's Legacy: You'll encounter a series of challenges that test your skills and knowledge:

    • The Maze of Mirrors: A maze filled with countless mirrors that distort reality and trap you in an endless cycle of reflections. To escape, you must find the true path by using your logic and observation skills.
    • The Puzzle of the Past: A puzzle that requires you to decipher the meaning of ancient runes and symbols etched into the city's walls. The runes hold the key to understanding the Serpent's actions and the origin of the curse.
    • The Ritual of Purification: A ritual involving a sacred flame and a pool of water. You must use the flame to purify the water and cleanse the city of the Serpent's corruption.
  3. The Serpent's Final Stand: After completing the challenges, you'll face the Serpent's final form, a powerful entity that embodies the Golden Curse. You must use the artifact you found to confront the Serpent and defeat it.

The Golden Curse's Demise

The final battle is a test of courage and skill. The Serpent's golden curse will be shattered only by understanding its nature and using the artifact to reclaim its power. The Serpent's spirit will be vanquished, and the Golden Curse will be broken, freeing the land and its people from its grasp.

The Return to the Village

With the Golden Curse broken, you return to the village, greeted as a hero. The villagers are now free from the curse, and the land is once again filled with life and hope. Your journey through "The Golden Curse" has not only saved the land, but it has also revealed the enduring power of courage, wisdom, and the bonds of community.


"Lost Lands: The Golden Curse" is a testament to the captivating storytelling and intricate puzzle design that defines the series. The game weaves a tale of ancient mysteries, forbidden magic, and the struggle between good and evil. This walkthrough has provided a detailed guide to navigating its challenges, but the true satisfaction of "The Golden Curse" lies in the journey of discovery and the thrill of solving each puzzle. With every step you take, you'll unravel a new layer of the game's intricate world, revealing secrets that have been hidden for centuries. So, embark on your own adventure and experience the magic of "The Golden Curse" firsthand.

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