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Dayforce: A Trader Joe's Employee's Guide to Time and Attendance

Welcome to the world of Dayforce, Trader Joe's trusted partner for managing employee schedules, timekeeping, and payroll. This comprehensive guide will demystify the system and empower you to navigate its intricacies with confidence. From understanding your schedule to accessing pay stubs and managing your personal information, we'll cover it all.

Introduction to Dayforce

Dayforce is a powerful, all-in-one human capital management (HCM) system. Trader Joe's leverages this platform to streamline various HR processes, including:

  • Scheduling: Creating and managing your work schedule with ease.
  • Timekeeping: Tracking your hours worked accurately and efficiently.
  • Payroll: Ensuring timely and accurate payment for your work.
  • Benefits: Accessing and managing your health insurance, retirement savings, and other benefits.
  • Communication: Receiving important updates and announcements from Trader Joe's.

Getting Started with Dayforce

1. Accessing Dayforce:

  • Trader Joe's Website: Visit the official Trader Joe's website and navigate to the "Employee Resources" section. You'll likely find a link to the Dayforce login page.
  • Mobile App: Download the Dayforce app from the App Store or Google Play.

2. Login Information:

  • Username: This is typically your employee ID number or a personalized username assigned by Trader Joe's.
  • Password: Your initial password may be provided during onboarding, or you may be required to create one upon your first login.

3. Security Measures:

  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Dayforce may utilize 2FA for added security, requiring you to enter a code sent to your mobile device in addition to your password.

Understanding Your Schedule

1. Viewing Your Schedule:

  • Desktop: Upon logging in, navigate to the "Schedule" or "My Schedule" tab.
  • Mobile App: Open the app and look for the "Schedule" or "Time Off" section.

2. Schedule Details:

  • Dates: View your scheduled shifts clearly displayed by date.
  • Time: See the start and end times of each shift.
  • Location: Identify the store location where you're scheduled to work.
  • Position: Your assigned role for each shift will be listed.

3. Requesting Time Off:

  • Desktop: Navigate to the "Time Off" or "Requests" tab.
  • Mobile App: Find the "Time Off" or "Requests" section.

4. Time Off Request Process:

  • Select Date Range: Choose the dates you'd like to request time off.
  • Reason for Absence: Provide a brief explanation for your absence.
  • Approval Process: Your request will be routed to your manager for approval.

5. Checking Time Off Approvals:

  • Desktop: View the status of your time off requests under the "Time Off" or "Requests" tab.
  • Mobile App: Check your "Time Off" section for approval updates.

Timekeeping and Hours Worked

1. Clocking In and Out:

  • Desktop: Use the "Clock In/Out" function on the Dayforce homepage.
  • Mobile App: Use the "Clock In/Out" feature within the app.

2. Tracking Time Worked:

  • Hours Worked: Dayforce automatically records the time you clock in and out, calculating your total hours worked per shift and for the entire pay period.
  • Breaks: Remember to use the designated "Break" function on Dayforce to record your break times accurately.

3. Reviewing Time Records:

  • Desktop: Access your "Time Records" or "Time Sheet" to review your hours worked.
  • Mobile App: View your "Time Records" or "Time Sheet" to check your tracked hours.

Payroll and Payment Information

1. Viewing Pay Stubs:

  • Desktop: Access your "Pay Stubs" or "Pay History" section.
  • Mobile App: Find the "Pay Stubs" or "Pay History" feature.

2. Pay Stub Details:

  • Pay Date: The date on which you received your paycheck.
  • Gross Pay: Your total earnings before taxes and deductions.
  • Net Pay: Your actual take-home pay after deductions.
  • Deductions: View the breakdown of taxes, insurance premiums, and other deductions.

3. Updating Personal Information:

  • Desktop: Access your "Profile" or "Personal Information" section.
  • Mobile App: Navigate to your "Profile" or "Personal Information" settings.

4. Updating Banking Information:

  • Direct Deposit: Set up or modify your direct deposit information within your Dayforce profile.

5. Reporting Issues with Payroll:

  • Contact HR: If you encounter any problems with your payroll, contact your store's HR department for assistance.

Communicating with Trader Joe's

1. Company Announcements: Dayforce often serves as a platform for Trader Joe's to share company announcements, news, and important updates.

2. Communication Center: Check the "Communication Center" or "Messages" section within Dayforce for any official messages from Trader Joe's.

3. Employee Resources: Dayforce may provide access to various employee resources, such as company policies, benefits information, and training materials.

Troubleshooting and Support

1. Dayforce Help Center: Access the Dayforce Help Center within the system for comprehensive assistance with navigating the platform and resolving common issues.

2. Contacting Dayforce Support: If you encounter issues that can't be resolved through the Help Center, contact Dayforce support directly for assistance.

3. Store HR: For questions or problems related to your employment at Trader Joe's, reach out to your store's HR department.


Dayforce is an essential tool for Trader Joe's employees, empowering you to manage your schedule, track your hours, access your pay stubs, and stay informed about company updates. Familiarize yourself with its features, explore its functionalities, and don't hesitate to seek assistance from the resources provided. By understanding and utilizing Dayforce effectively, you'll optimize your work experience and ensure a seamless workflow.