My Timelapse of the Crazy Edinburgh Storm on 17.08.19

If you’ve landed here, there’s a fair chance it’s from a link on social media related to a timelapse I made of a crazy rain storm hitting Edinburgh. Thanks for clicking! I just wanted to show you another one you might like and tell you a bit more about Getgo Studio!

What is Getgo Studio?

Getgo is my video production company, launched in Feb 2019. I’m a marketer with 15 years experience, and after a number of my consultancy clients asked me to produce videos for them, I decided to form a new company.

We do on-location filming across the UK (and beyond) and there’s very little limit to what we can do – from multiple drones to large crews for complex shoots. Creative, with a logical approach, we’ll make sure your story is told in a way that people will care about!

Examples of some of our early work here – Getgo on-location

Get in touch re on-location – contact us!

The Edinburgh Studio

As well as on-location shooting, we have an all-inclusive studio (with perhaps the best ‘office’ view in the UK?!) where people can come and film their awesome content; online course, interviews, short videos for social media, podcasts etc.

Turn up ready to go (we’ll help you prep) and then our pro-crew will film and direct you through-out filming. We’ll then edit and give you all you need (including a marketing strategy if required). More info on the studio – Getgo all-inclusive studio

Training courses

And finally, we offer video training. This course can be delivered on-site if required –

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Thanks for dropping by! Here’s a look at the 1st six months of Getgo:

Oh, and here’s the storm again: