Documentary – The Social Distillery – Isle of Harris Distillers

In Sept 2018, I travelled to the Isle of Harris with camera operator and editor, Pete J Jones to create a mini-documentary about Isle of Harris Distillers. I wanted to find out what impact the distillery had made on the island’s people, economy and tourism.

This wasn’t a paid commission; until very recently, I had been working with IoHD on their social media strategy, a partnership reaching back to 2015. I approached their MD and asked if he would be willing to let me make this.

Why them? Well, I’m very new to film making and felt I wanted to have the opportunity to challenge myself and do some rapid learning. I have a lot of love for the brand and the team there, and could think of no better subject.

What a place

Harris is majestic. We traversed it for 2 days, gathering as much we could from the ground and the sky, well, as much as the rapidly changing weather would allow! A special place, full of special people. The pride in IoHD both internally and externally was a joy to behold.

It’s hard to put into words how it feels when you get to make something like, this, I’m really proud of the final product, there’s things I would change for sure, but we me the brief we set for ourselves and feel like the warmth, pride and emotion with regards to IoHD was captured.

Harris is actually part of my heritage

My Gran recently told me that my great-great Gran was from Harris, and left the island for Benbecula, where the family continued to grow. I had no idea that this was the case when we were on the island filming. Our third son, (currently 5 months old) is called Harris. We’ll take our family there soon.

My ‘making of’

I made this when when we were back from the shoot, a look behind the scenes and more of my thoughts on the island and its people.

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